BODAIJU Residences

Bodaiju Residences was designed as an ensemble of buildings woven into an inviting tropical landscape. It was conceived as a composition of four linear buildings providing a large array of apartment layouts and two circular buildings made up of distinctively spacious units. Every unit has a view and is delineated by large covered terraces acting as second outdoor living rooms. These generous liveable balconies provide sunshading and allow for ample natural light. On the roof, each building offers a communal garden and a swimming pool with panoramic views of the city and beyond.

The surroundings are changing fast with the development of the city. A large structure is under construction in front of Bodaiju, on the main road leading to the airport. There will be a large shopping mall, office buildings and condominiums. A large road crosses the property, providing access to the parking area and buildings. Spread between the buildings and under the apartments are two levels of parking with a lighter structure that is separate from the buildings above. All parking is covered by common areas and a planted roof. This shared space creates a connection between the buildings and the facilities located at the garden level. Several planted areas collect the rain and slow down the flow of water.

Local materials, such as sandstone and granite, are used as much as possible. Resources from other parts of South East Asia are also utilised.

The landowner wanted to reach a high density, but there is a height restriction due to proximity of the airport. The layout needs to allow for density without having the apartments face one another. The linear buildings are bended to avoid parallelism.

The second issue was the budget. The cost of extra facilities, such as the suspended garden and rooftop pools, has to be balanced. The structural design is efficient; there is no load transfer or underground. The linear buildings are conceived with the same structure, like a body, and the balconies make variations of the fa├žade. They have different shapes, alternating solid low walls and glass railings.

The buildings were designed to facilitate natural ventilation for all units, mostly using large balconies to create an outside living room and produce shade. These large outdoor spaces give the feeling of a house more than an apartment.

Project Name: Bodaiju Residences
Location: #269, Russian Boulevard, Sangkat Kakab, Khan Porsenchey, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Status: Under construction
Expected Completion: Blocks A and B: December 2017 Block C: November 2018
Others (D to F): Not decided
Site Area: 235,300 square metres
Gross Floor Area: 165,945 square metres
Number of Units: 928
Building Height: 42 metres
Clients/Owners: Torreya Asset Holdings Co Ltd; Paulownia Asset Holdings Co Ltd
Architecture Firm: Asma Architects
Principal Architects: Lisa Ros; Ivan Tizianel
Mechanical & Electrical Engineer: Global Design Creative Co Ltd
Civil & Structural Engineer: Global Design Creative Co Ltd
Quantity Surveyor: JXIN Project Management (Cambodia)
Main Contractor: LNF Construction Management
Images: Creed Cambodia