Signify: An island’s ambition to future-proof itself with smart, sustainable LED street lighting

Known as the state of fun, Sentosa is one of Singapore’s top leisure destinations, welcoming close to 20 million guests yearly. With an array of activities that cater to visitors of all ages at all times of the day, ensuring the roads are safe through the night was paramount. The island had been lit by conventional sodium street lighting, yellowish in nature. The maintenance staff and term contractors had to constantly be on the alert for faulty lights to ensure road safety.

Upon spotting or being alerted to a faulty light, the maintenance staff would have to drive from the site back to their offices to retrieve replacement lights and back to the site again to fix up the lights. It was a time-consuming process, requiring physical checks and diagnosis all the time. With the push for greater productivity and the search for more energy-efficient light sources, Sentosa is ready to take the plunge and set the example as the first in the city-state to embrace smart, sustainable LED street lighting.


With Singapore’s push to become a smart nation in full swing, Sentosa is ready to take steps to kickstart its transition to becoming a smart island. Embracing technology to improve the lives of communities and businesses is at the heart of this transition. Given the guaranteed savings from the switch to smart LED street lighting, the Philips Lighting Singapore team extended the innovative zero-capex financing model to Sentosa, making it the first street lighting project in Singapore to be implemented under this scheme. This means that no upfront payment is needed and repayment only starts after significant savings in energy bills recorded. With this, close to 300 street lights along a 3.4-kilometre stretch on the island were selected to be fitted with Green Vision Xceed LED lights, coupled with a smart technology system that allows for lights to be programmed to dim down at certain hours.

We believe that cities can be better places and connected lighting can play an important role. Smarter and more sustainable lighting solutions can help people live, work and play in a safer and more secure environment.” Wee Shiang Ning, General Manager of Philips Lighting Singapore

More than just a fun destination for all, Sentosa Development Corporation is committed to developing the island in a smart and sustainable manner, and enhancing the overall experience for visitors and staff. Such innovations are important in our efforts to future-proof the island and we look forward to more exciting partnerships ahead.” Alvin Chia, Deputy Director of Asset Management Sentosa Development Corporation

With the change to smart LED street lights, energy savings of more than 50 per cent and improved lighting performance can be achieved. The smart street lights can now be programmed to dim at fixed timings where road usage is low, translating to even greater energy savings and lower carbon emissions. In addition, the lights are now capable of communicating with the maintenance crew. Notifications can be sent to mobile phones and computers as soon as a light is down, reducing the recovery time needed. Whilst there was a need for back and forth trips from spotting a faulty light to fixing it, such extra trips are made redundant with the remote monitoring system, saving time and energy of the maintenance staff, which in turn increases their productivity.

The new smart LED street lights are nearly twice as bright as the conventional, sodium street lighting. Observably whiter, it greatly enhances the color contrast on the roads, improving overall visibility and leading to greater road safety at night. The smart LED street lights ensure that tourists, visitors, residents, and staff alike can now enjoy a safer journey home. With its full cut-off nature, casting uniform and efficient lighting below the horizontal level, the new lights are in perfect harmony with the night skies, making this a truly sustainable solution for Sentosa island in the long run.

– Construction+ Online

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