​​​​New efficiency standards to drive water conservation in non-domestic sector

Singapore, 12 March 2021 – From 1 January 2022, commercial water equipment and wat​er closet (WC) flush valves that are supplied and sold in Singapore will need to meet minimum water efficiency requirements. This is part of ongoing efforts by PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency, to drive greater water efficiency in the non-domestic sector.

PUB’s new minimum water efficiency requirements apply to WC flush, commercial dishwashers, washer extractors and high-pressure washers. This will gradually phase out the use of less water-efficient water fittings and commercial equipment, and motivate suppliers to introduce more water-efficient models into the market.

Singapore currently consumes about 430 million gallons of water per day, with the non-domestic sector accounting for more than half of the demand. By 2060, national water demand is expected to almost double with non-domestic demand accounting for the majority. It is therefore imperative that businesses continually step up their efforts to use water wisely and make every drop count.

If all businesses switch to commercial equipment and WC flush valves that meet the minimum requirement, Singapore will be able to achieve approximately 1.2 million cubic metres of water savings in total annually.

Commercial dishwashers, washer extractors and high-pressure washers are commonly used by large water users such as hotels, hospitals, F&B outlets, laundromats and cleaning companies. They consume a significant amount of water daily.

WC flush valves are typically used in toilets with high usage frequency, such as public toilets in schools, shopping malls and hawker centres, and require regular maintenance. By switching to more water efficient equipment and WC flush valves, such businesses can reduce their annual water consumption and save on their utility bills.

“Businesses can choose to purchase or switch to more water-efficient models to reap these benefits immediately or do so when they want to replace their existing equipment. Water is precious and all of us must do our part to conserve water,” said Ridzuan Ismail, Director of PUB’s Water Supply (Network) Department.

To facilitate early adoption of water-efficient equipment, businesses with monthly water consumption of at least 1,000 cubic metres can apply for PUB’s Water Efficiency Fund (WEF) to purchase water-efficient equipment, and receive funding of up to S$300,000 or up to 50 per cent of the installation cost from now till December 2021. The WEF was recently enhanced in November 2020 to provide funding support for water efficient equipment.

– Construction+ Online

Source: PUB