Tesoro Nursery School

The nursery school is located in a residential neighbourhood in the city of Fukushima. The site was raised above the street level to secure a large, open-air play area at the centre of the building, secluded from the surrounding buildings and activities. This ‘courtyard’ creates a safe environment for the children to learn and play, as well as eases the monitoring by teachers.

The site that is close to the mountains is already a good start to create a design that focuses on wellness: the high water and air quality standards, along with the building having large openings to allow for naturally-lit interior spaces. Away from traffic, noise and pollution levels are also low. To bring greenery onto the site, the ample exterior spaces can be utilised for vegetable beds and garden.

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Project Name
Tesoro Nursery School
Fukushima, Japan
Completion Date
December 2019
Site Area
1,252.83 square metres
Gross Floor Area
962.14 square metres
Building Height
9,874 metres
Architecture Firm
Aisaka Architects’ Atelier
Principal Architect
Kensuke Aisaka
Structural Engineer
Kanebako Structural Engineers
Building Services Engineer
PT Morimura & Associates Ltd
Lighting Consultant
Komorebi Design
Shigeo Ogawa

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