Stay safe indoor with Hitachi innovative and smart air conditioning solutions

Home is where we live, work and play in the new normal. Since the pandemic started, we mostly spend our time at home so we place great importance to live comfortably with proper air quality within our home. Did you know that good indoor air quality not only contributes to our well-being and comfort but also safeguards our health? To enjoy better quality air, one of the ways we can explore is by upgrading the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.

Air conditioning systems are now equipped with cutting-edge technology and innovation. Hitachi’s air conditioners for example, are designed with unique features—improved energy efficiency; self-cleaning technology; and smart wi-fi control. These days, selecting a decent air conditioning system such as this is not only a matter of maintaining a home comfort, but is also a matter of convenience and better energy usage.

Air Conditioning system creating more comfortable spaces for rest, work and play

Quality Clean Air

A safer home is one that continually has a lot of outside air replenishing the stale air within. Hitachi air conditioner can help circulate and purify air at the same time. The FrostWash™ technology will ensure the cleanliness of the air conditioning units. It is an innovative self-cleaning technology, which has been proven to successfully removes 99.9 per cent* of viruses and 93 per cent** of mould and bacteria.

In addition to the self-cleaning technology, Hitachi air conditioners are equipped with the PM2.5 Wasabi Air-Purifying Filter, which effectively removes 99 per cent*** of microscopic 2.5 μm particles. This extra filter has deodorising properties and has been proven to be antibacterial. In combination with the stainless pre-filter, this gives the room quality clean air. The Nano Titanium Stainless Pre-filter is also durable and easy to clean, and reduces bacterial growth by preventing dust from entering the unit.

Energy Efficiency

With such an advanced technology, one may wonder about the energy consumption, especially as we now stay at home more than ever, using the air conditioner constantly. To make energy use more efficient, Hitachi air conditioners are powered with Vector DC Inverter System, whose performance is more reliable and energy-efficient compared to a non-inverter system. It features a microchip that adjusts the current flow conditions and the compressor rotation accordingly in a way that saves energy and maintains the desired temperature at the same time.

Smart Wi-fi System

In addition, the intuitive app, airCloud Home^, lets users control the air conditioner unit through a smart device, by switching it off while they are away to minimise power wastage; and then switching it on automatically when they come back.

With Hitachi wide range of home air conditioning systems^^, we can now enjoy cleaner air at home while reducing energy usage with the advanced technology smart control. The sleek design can also be seamlessly integrated into our home to create both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing living spaces. Creating more comfortable spaces for rest, work or play has always been our goal at Hitachi Cooling & Heating. So, at any time and in any season, you can rest easy, knowing that your air conditioning is working behind the scenes to make life as comfortable as possible.

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* Tested by Kitasato Research Centre for Environment Science, Japan. Test no. 2020_0386: Suppress Virus effect observation test by operating FrostWash®.
** Tested by Kitasato Research Centre for Environment Science, Japan. Test no. 2017_40194: Antibacterial and anti-mold effects when operating FrostWash® four times.
*** Wasabi Air Purifying Filter tested by Hitachi Environmental Test Laboratory.
^ Optional accessories in MY and SG market.
^^ Product models may differ according to country. وان ایکس بت بت فوروارد