Southeast Asia’s construction needs are growing faster than the industry can handle.
Systems like USG Boral’s EasyFinish™ will be imperative.

USG Boral’s EasyFinish™ product range is one such innovation – a cement render replacement designed as a solution to site finishing application and performance issues such as irregular wall levels and unsightly cracks. The EasyFinish™ range uses USG Boral’s noncombustible plasterboard with a specially formulated bonding compound to ensure smoothest walls completed, at speeds up to six times faster than cement rendering.
There are four main systems within the EasyFinish™ – the Bond, Solid (applied with EasyScoop™ and EasyTrowel™ respectively), and the Frame. All of these utilise USG Boral’s bonding compound in different ways, to cater to different project requirements.

For projects that require quick installation and cost efficiency, the EasyFinish™ Bond sees the bonding compound applied in scoops across a wall, with USG Boral’s noncombustible plasterboard subsequently applied on top.

To enhance the efficiency of installation and further boost the solidity of the wall, the EasyFinish Solid™ system can be applied – in two different ways. Firstly, the EasyTrowel™ application allows applicators to feather out the proprietary bonding compounds with less effort and time, allowing the applicator to apply the bonding compound in the right thickness, to ensure that the wall leveling is straight and true. The result is a smooth, rock solid wall, especially in areas where solidity is an imperative.

Similarly, the EasyScoop™ application doubles the productivity rate by facilitating a more efficient placement of the EasyBond™ compounds, especially in areas where the wall is subject to higher chances of impact and indentations.

For projects that require a true surface on masonry wall, the EasyFinish™ frame system can be applied as a wall lining. This is especially suited for lining reinforced concrete walls or other block walls with severe irregularities. The EasyFinish™ Frame system also improves the acoustic performance while allowing services to be placed in its cavity.

Ultimately, EasyFinish™ is a system that is faster, smarter and tougher – allowing walls to be built 3 times faster than traditional cement rendering, without the need for highly skilled labour, as with cement rendering.

The USG Boral EasyFinish™ Systems are available in the following Southeast Asia, Click on these countries to learn more.

Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

Brought to you by USG Boral

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