Play Concept’s Projects

K11 MUSEA is a cultural retail destination located at Victoria Dockside with two fascinating playgrounds. Play Concept Limited is honoured to have taken part in the creation of the Donut Playhouse and Peacock Playground which has provided so much fun and excitement to visitors.

Even from afar the impressive wooden crafted 10-meter-tall friendly giant, Donut, can be seen in the indoor Donut Playhouse. Next to our giant, the Happy Mega slide offers kids a thrilling ride spanning three floors, making it the largest indoor slide in Hong Kong!

Meanwhile, perched on the roof of the Bohemian Garden is the lively and colourful Peacock Playground that blends in with the natural landscape seamlessly. The majestic nine-meter-tall Peacock is the main focal point of the playground and also doubles as an attraction for children to explore, climb up the Peacock’s tail and ride down the six-meter-tall tubular slide.

Both playgrounds are designed by the award-winning Danish playground firm MONSTRUM, and Play Concept is responsible for the end-to-end project management and supervision of the implementation and installation of both playgrounds.




The design of the Crescent Green Playroom is inspired by the colourful wings of a butterfly. Therefore, the wall padding, the patterns on the floor, the net, and the accessories are all in vivid bright colours. This is very eye-catching to young children and creates a vivacious atmosphere in the playroom.

The customised butterfly-shaped pendant lights and shelves are one of the most striking decorations in the room. Also, the small space of the room is utilised to maximize the play values and ensure that kids can still have lots of fun even in the little playroom.


The concept for the ISF Pre-school Indoor Playground is to make use of the limited space to provide maximum play areas and play value to students. The unique aerial tunnel play system encompasses the space, gathering numerous play values and allows students to travel over classrooms and the whole play area, making it the ideal space for pre-school children.

To access the aerial tunnel, there are two vertical climbers and a maze climber, and to exit the tunnel students can slide down the tube slide located at the end of the tunnel. Furthermore, to create a dynamic space inside the aerial tunnel, rope walks and balance beams are placed to physically challenge students and help develop their balancing and coordination skills.

Other than the challenging equipment, various sensory plays, such as percussion metal pipes, speaking tubes, telescope, are also installed in the tunnel. These sensory plays enhance fine motor skills and help mental and sensory development in young children.

By adopting a minimalistic design with a bright white and wooden pallet, the space feels clean and uncluttered making it the perfect environment for students to learn.

– Construction+ Online