Penang launches first centralised purpose-built workers accommodation

The Penang government collaborated with Centurion Corporation Ltd (Centurion) to open the state’s first Centralised Accommodation Transit (CAT), or purpose-built workers accommodation, in Westlite Bukit Minyak, Penang.

“I am confident that this pioneer CAT project in Penang will be one of the reasons to inspire the nation, as outlined in Penang 2030, while we continue to pursue strong, sustainable and equitable growth and development across the country,” said Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow at the officiation ceremony on 29 January 2019.

Strategically located near the main Bukit Minyak highway—with easy access to the Bukit Minyak Industrial Park, the Science Park, as well as the Batu Kawan Industrial Park—the CAT provides a 6,600-bed facility and facilities such as a supermarket, gym, food court, barber shop, internet service, recreation rooms and outdoor exercise areas.

The project’s total development costs was RM72.3 million.

“I am excited to witness the development and completion of an infrastructure project that takes us a step closer towards realising our vision of transforming Pulau Pinang into a smart city and one of the most liveable in Asia,” said Jagdeep Singh Deo, State Executive Councillor for Local Government, Housing and Town and Country Planning.

“Aside from allowing the businesses to effectively manage their manpower, logistics and productivity, the multi-faceted benefits of CATs include promoting structure and organisation, which impacts traffic and congestion.”

Tony Bin, managing director for Centurion’s Accommodation Business, said, “Our goal remains to build workers accommodations that go beyond just providing a physical space with beds and walls. We endeavour to provide our residents a comfortable space that allows them to live and relax as a community within our compound.”— Construction+ Online