Melisa Wong

As founder of Octagon Creative Group, Melisa has accrued 30 years of experience in the visual communications industry, working in audio-visual and multi-media production before venturing into branding, design and advertising. She also has a strong interest in the field of architectural design.

In 1990, Melisa founded Octagon Creative Group, a multidisciplinary company specialising in branding through its design, advertising and publication offerings. Her portfolio encompasses design and advertising work for clients in Malaysia, China, India, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, the Middle East, Australia and Austria. Today, Octagon Creative is an award-winning firm that has gained international recognition. Melisa is trained in the United Kingdom and holds a BA Honours Degree in Graphic Design from the University of Coventry as well as a degree in Masters in Communication Design from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. She was instrumental in setting up the Venice Biennale Exhibition in Venice in 2012 and 2014, working in tandem with PAM. Presently, she heads Octagon Creative, a collaborative studio where creativity comes from individuals working in groups or ‘communities of practice’ focused on exploration and discovery.

Melisa is also one of the distinguished jurors of BCI Asia Interior Design Awards 2020, and Construction+ is delighted to catch up with her for a short chat on her creative mind and ethos.

Having honesty, integrity, creativity, and being innovative are some of the traits I would like others to remember me by.

Drawing from your experience of being a judge in various competitions across the region, what would you look out for in the interior design entries as juror for BCI Asia Interior Design Awards 2020?

I would look for originality and quality of execution. The designs ought to be delightful and relevant.

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