Lightcraft Malaysia

The site is located at the old Federal Bakery on Jalan Chan Sow Lin, which is now replaced by the four connecting lots of the new Lightcraft’s showroom and office. The client provided a wish list in the form of inspirational images that demonstrate their vision for this project. It encompasses something artistic, edgy and raw that preserves the original state of the distinctive site in this industrial zone.

A holistic design process was created to incorporate the interior architecture with the latest trends in technology, workplace wellness and sustainable designs. From the façade treatment to the internal space, the design was planned around the existing site with minimal remodelling to maintain the original state of the site.

The concept was to transform selected areas into design features and create interesting backdrops for the lights at the show gallery, while minimising gutting out of the site. Intimate spaces in larger rooms were carved up to create open spaces such as workstations, communal areas, refreshed amenities, public spaces as well as levels of show gallery to house international lights and fittings brands.

The open showrooms are situated on alternating floors and intimate showrooms are connected through small passageways and staircases. The whole space remains fluid by incorporating movable panels and screens to accommodate future growth of the company and new light installations. Taking cues from the industrial spirit, metal screens were used to compartmentalise the space, while retaining elements such as tiles and ceiling works. Coloured wooden platforms, screens and unfinished wood furniture and metals were sourced locally and used as refreshed elements.

All constraints in this project proved to be a challenge for the design team, which led them to conceptualise a gallery and office with an interesting and out-of-the-box result that complements the local design scene. For the company, the versatile spaces present endless possibilities—such as creating a yoga studio for staff, as well as holding events at the outdoor terrace.

Project Name: Lightcraft Malaysia
Location: Jalan Chan Sow Lin, Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Completion Date: April 2016
Gross Floor Area: 1,400 square metres
Client/Owner: Lightcraft Malaysia
Interior Design Firm: SWOT Design Group
Lighting Consultant: Lightcraft
Images/Photos: SWOT Design Group
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