Langat Centralised Sewage Treatment Plant (CSTP)

Langat CSTP was conceived following a feasibility study in 2013, which identified and enumerated the pollution loads from sewage into Sungai Langat. The river is a source of potable water supply, but has been heavily polluted. With a projected population reaching 920,000 by 2035, the need for water will increase and so treatment to improve the quality is vital. In 2015, the formal award of the project was made by the Government of Malaysia via the Ministry of Environment and Water with the Sewerage Services Department as the implementing agency. The construction period was planned to take for approximately five years.


The site is bounded by mixed development to the north, Kampung Batu 13 to the south, the Cheras-Kajang highway to the east and Jalan Simpang Balak to the west. The topography of the site is generally undulating. Approximately 200 metres on the western boundary of the site is the Sungai Langat which flows southwest through some major commercial centres—Kajang, Bangi, Semenyih, Dengkil, Banting, Seremban and Nilai to name a few.

As the CSTP will be a fully enclosed plant, a 10-metre set-back has been provided all around within the CSTP fencing. A 20-metre buffer is available outside the site boundary on the eastern and western sides as they are bounded by Cheras-Kajang Highway and the CSTP access road reserve respectively. On the northern and southern sides, there are no residential units within 20 metres outside the CSTP fence line, except for the proposed religious school. It is expected that allowances will be made in future planning to provide the required buffer. Brick wall fencing will be provided between the CSTP and the religious school.

Project Name
Langat Centralised Sewage Treatment Plant (CSTP)
Lot 360, Jalan Cheras Batu 13, Kampung Simpang Balak, Kajang, Malaysia
Completion Date
August 2020
Site Area
7.30 hectares
Project Owner
Ministry of Environment and Water (KASA)
Government Implementing Agency
Jabatan Perkhidmatan Pembetungan (JPP)
Project Management Consultant
Gabungan AJP-MFA
Architecture Firm
Kuek Wee Chien Architect in Association with Archiconic Architect Sdn Bhd
Principal Architect
Kuek Wee Chien
CSTP Consultant
SMHB Sdn Bhd
Sewerage Conveyance System Consultant
Erinco Sdn Bhd
Quantity Surveyor
JUB Central Sdn Bhd
Design & Build Contractor
MMC Pembetungan Langat Sdn Bhd
CSTP Subcontractor
Salcon Loh&Loh JV Sdn Bhd
MMC Pembetungan Langat Sdn Bhd

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