Give your home exterior a freshly painted look every day

Jotun’s revolutionary Jotashield Ultra Clean with AntiDirt Technology keeps your home looking like new despite rain and pollution

Introducing a superior dirt-resistant paint that self-cleans whenever it rains, ensuring exteriors look as good as new in extreme weather for up to 8 years.

We are constantly exposed to pollution and extreme weather in South East Asia. Busy roads and construction sites are everywhere, while rain and thunderstorms can happen at any time. Our homes were once a source of pride but dirty exterior walls have become so common, we turn a blind eye to them.

Well, that’s about to change with an all-new solution to your weather woes. Jotashield Ultra Clean is a premium exterior paint formulated with Jotun’s revolutionary AntiDirt Technology. As the expert in premium exterior paints, Jotun has a deep understanding of the impact climate and pollution has on homes in the region. Our revolutionary AntiDirt Technology presents the house-proud with a solution to dirty exterior walls.

The Benefits of AntiDirt Technology

Jotashield Ultra Clean’s AntiDirt Technology is an exciting revolution as it combines three key features that will change how you think about painting your home’s exterior. To address one of your biggest concerns as a homeowner, Jotashield Ultra Clean has Low Dirt Pickup to prevent dirt from sticking to your exterior walls and building up over time.

Another issue you’ll often face is the unsightly streaks that appear after the rain. On this point, you’ll be pleased to know that Jotashield Ultra Clean is Dirt Streak Resistant to minimize the formation of these streak marks. The difference will be most visible under and around the edges of windows prone to trapping dirt, where you’ll now see clean walls instead of dirty lines.

That’s not all, as this innovative exterior paint is Self-Cleaning too! Jotashield Ultra Clean’s dirt-resistant formulation enables stubborn dirt to be washed away with the rain, making it truly effortless to keep your exterior walls in the best condition.

We’ve perfected this formula with in-depth research, development and testing to guarantee it works. Besides its superior dirt-resistance and ability to self-clean whenever it rains, Jotashield Ultra Clean also has a durability of 8 years and exceptional UV protected colours.

Take Pride in Your Home

You can’t control pollution and the weather, but you can control how it affects your home. Jotashield Ultra Clean with AntiDirt Technology is a game-changer in keeping exterior walls fresh and clean. With only minimal maintenance, your home will look as good as new in the years to come.

Expect no less from our commitment to innovation and quality. All Jotun products undergo vigorous testing and stringent certifications to deliver the best performance. Jotashield Ultra Clean’s dirt protection is an extension of Jotashield’s innovative technology, providing superior protection and also durable colours.

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