Johor-Singapore RTS Link is still under negotiation

The construction of Johor Bahru-Singapore Rapid Transit System (RTS) Link project is still under discussion.

The RTS link is expected to carry up to 10,000 passengers per hour and will run from Woodlands, Singapore to Johor Bahru, Malaysia. The RTS will have two stations, Woodlands North station, Singapore, and Bukit Chagar station, Malaysia.

“Even though we’re battling COVID-19, in parallel, we’re pressing on with many other important tasks, including our bilateral negotiations with Malaysia on both the High-Speed Rail and the RTS Link projects. In fact, the RTS Link discussions, over teleconferencing, have been intensive, often running into the night, as the negotiators are mindful of the end of July deadline, which is just next month,” said Khaw Boo Wan, Singapore Transport Minister.

He added that this is the final extension of the suspension. He hopes that there will be a successful outcome so that Malaysia and Singapore can proceed with the construction of the RTS Link project.

The project has been suspended numerous times and the latest extension is the fourth time Malaysia had requested. The change of government in Malaysia and the impact of COVID-19 has been the major cause of the extension.

– Construction+ Online

Source: Singapore Ministry of Transport