Johnson Controls Enterprise Management Solution redefines interactions with buildings

Johnson Controls has released its companion app that provides building occupants the flexibility to control their physical comfort and manage energy consumption to meet sustainability goals.

The app works in tandem with the Johnson Controls Enterprise Management 2.0, a cloud-based platform that integrates occupant, asset and energy management.

Some of the key features include:

  • Building occupants to handle day-to-day building-related matters such as adjusting cooling and lighting, scheduling meeting rooms and wayfinding;
  • Facility managers to make better evidence-based decisions on space and assets;
  • Technical professionals servicing building equipment to zoom in on issues quickly and to offer condition-based service rather than the more traditional time-based service; and
  • Building owners to identify opportunities to save energy and money, streamline operations, optimise space utilisation, as well as uncover hidden revenue streams to maximise asset value.

The Enterprise Management 2.0 includes new elements such as predictive management and space optimisation that utilise artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies, in addition to Microsoft Azure cloud-based analytics. The management tool can be layered into technologies or systems that are already in place and provide new insights for users. Globally, more than 1,300 buildings are using the Enterprise Management tool, with the Asia-Pacific region accounting for some 60 per cent of the deployment.

As a result of its innovative elements, it was awarded the Industrial IoT Innovator of the Year by the independent organisation IoT Breakthrough.

“Johnson Controls Enterprise Management is a smart, scalable solution that represents a game-changing quantum leap in a customer’s facilities management strategy and digital transformation journey. Beyond meeting sustainability goals and achieving productivity gains, it supports better all-round decision-making that will impact the portfolio owner’s bottom line, while elevating the occupant experience with advanced functionalities,” said Samit Sen, director, Digital Solutions, Asia Pacific, Johnson Controls. “We expect the benefits of the platform to have strong resonance in Asia Pacific, which is increasingly receptive to platforms that allow for a proactive condition-based service model, and have a strong interest in future-proofing their portfolios.”

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