House 17

This two-and-a-half-storey terrace house in Subang Jaya is a breath of fresh air in its neighbourhood. The interior designer worked at making the house ‘breathe’ better and integrating it with its surroundings by bringing the outdoors in.

Landscaping is an integral aspect of the design. Most of the balconies have been converted to planter boxes to frame the views of the room and to help cool the house. The façade planter is also an example of using a vertical garden to add some form of greenery to spaces without land.

Once most of the walls were removed, large windows and doors were introduced to allow lighter and better ventilation in the space. Factors such as sun movement and wind direction were taken into consideration.

The entrance was moved farther in to allow people to enter directly into the heart of the house. This, then, gave the living room more privacy, as well as a more ceremonial approach to the entry of the house.

To accommodate a young family with young children, fittings and furnishings were designed in such a way to not be a hazard. For example, a steel wall partition was added to the original staircase as a safety barrier, while the balustrade has anti-climb panelling.

The bathrooms are designed in a monochrome palette, with accents in timber. The mix of textures and finishes are united in the colouring of the space. Highlights such as the turquoise-coloured steel work break the monotony of the colour scheme of the house.

As budget was a concern, the designer focused on a few major ticket items, such as the façade planter and finishes. Recycled doors from torn down buildings were also used. Most of the materials used were sourced locally.

Project Name: House 17
Location: SS17, Subang Jaya
Completion Date: August 2017
Site Area: 170 square metres
Gross Floor Area: 200 square metres
Building Height: 2.5 storeys
Number of Rooms: 5
Clients/Owners: Mr and Mrs Lee
Interior Design Firm: POW Ideas
Principal Designer: Kyle E
Landscape Architect: POW Ideas
Main Contractor: LYS Living Sdn Bhd
Images: David Yeow Photography وان ایکس بت بت فوروارد