Exchange 106: A new global icon

Soaring high into Kuala Lumpur’s ever-changing sky, Exchange 106 stands tall as a mesmerising masterpiece of elegance and excellence. The breathtaking marvel is designed to create and attract limitless opportunities, partnerships, ideas and businesses and to dramatically change the landscape of tomorrow. Juxtaposing the audacious, simplicity of the tower is a prismatic capsule that sits atop Exchange 106 – punctuated with plenty of light and imagination. Symbolic of a vibrant nation on the rise, this ultra-luxurious single tower of 106 floors is poised to be the most sophisticated business destination not just in all of South East Asia, but in the world.

Partnering this incomparable architectural icon on its journey to the top is an equally unrivalled name. Jotun, the world’s leading paint company, has been entrusted to protect the nation’s newest landmark and preserve its timeless appeal for the generations to follow. Of course, the reasons for this indomitable partnership are quite obvious. Renowned for being a custodian and curator of iconic structures around the world, Jotun relentlessly pursues the protection of beauty. As a single-source solution with decades of game-changing expertise, Jotun brings an exemplary range of protective coating solutions for corrosion and fire protection. Each innovation ensures that the striking stainless-steel structure of Exchange 106 and its magnificent crown can always withstand the inevitable forces of nature and time.

With an extensive and robust network that spans across different countries, Jotun guarantees a smooth, seamless and unhindered process of cross border collaboration. This dynamic network empowers prestigious projects such as Exchange 106 with unmatched technical expertise, in-depth understanding of building materials from around the world, up-to-date information on local specifications and superior knowledge of coating requirements during the process of construction.

Ever since it was founded over 100 years ago in the town of Sandefjord Norway, Jotun has passionately preserved and protected the beauty and strength of structures across the world. It has never stopped raising the benchmark in innovation, technology and research while ensuring that iconic buildings and beautiful homes always stand the test of time. Not surprisingly, Jotun continues to be a preferred partner of many when it comes to scaling new heights of excellence in any corner of the world.

– Construction+ Online