Deluxcious Heritage Boutique Hotel

This hotel is situated in George Town, Penang, which has been named a World Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) since 2011. This late 19th-century colonial-style house embodies a modern Victorian concept with the elements of Van Gogh’s theme on old world architecture. The historic luxury hotel was decorated and furnished by its owner and provides an ideal place for exploring Penang’s heritage.

The exterior of the hotel has an English-style design. Hence, the design team decided to use Victorian style as the basis of the interior decoration for consistency. There were limitations in renovating both the exterior and interior of this 80- to 100-year-old conservation heritage house. Minor fixtures—such as spotlights—were added to the external part of the building, but the old charm of the heritage façade was retained by minimising changes to the exterior.

For the interiors, mainly locally procured items—such as wallpapers, carpet, fabric, wood and chandeliers—were used to renovate and decorate the hotel, with only a few selected items being imported from places such as Europe and Australia.

The team is believed to be the first in Asia to use the Van Gogh Theme wallpaper from Goodrich as a centrepiece in all the hotel rooms, which were designed and decorated differently to showcase distinctive wallpaper designs and create a different ambience.

Project Name: Deluxcious Heritage Boutique Hotel
Location: Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, George Town, Penang, Malaysia
Completion Date: September 2016
Client/Owner: Deluxcious Group of Companies
Interior Design Firm: Deluxcious Group of Companies
Number of Rooms: 19
Lighting Consultant: Deluxcious Group of Companies
Mechanical & Electrical Engineer: Under electrical trade subcontract works
Interior Fit-Out Contractor: Deluxcious Group of Companies
Key Suppliers: Goodrich Global Singapore (Van Gogh collection series wallpapers)
Images/Photos: Deluxcious Group of Companies
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