Contemporary Elegance

The owners wanted the home to have a contemporary style with a touch of elegance. The design team was leaning towards an eco-friendly construction building, hence Green and energy-saving materials were used in the design.

Low-emitting laminates that carry the Green Label were used as materials. These laminates are known to have minimal effects on the environment during production. To take environmental settings into consideration, the team used electrical appliances with inverter technology and LED lighting to save energy. Low-volatile organic compound (VOC) paint was used for the exterior and interior paintwork to reduce carbon footprint and toxic emissions that could harm the environment.

The designers worked within the tight budget and small interior space. Vinyl wallpapers were used as a cost-effective alternative to simulate the effect of brick veneers and a focal point was created upon entering the home. To open up space, the design team used clear mirror panels in the living room to visually expand the small area.

Project Name: Contemporary Elegance
Location: Ferringhi Residence, Batu Ferringhi, Penang, Malaysia
Completion Date: 20 February 2016
Number of Rooms: 4
Gross Floor Area: 152 square metres
Interior Design Firm: JGiConcept Design
Images/Photos: JGiConcept Design

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