Construction management platform: What it is & why you need it now

Managing a project digitally

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The Prime Minister launched the National Construction Policy 2030 (NCP 2030) at the opening ceremony of the 21st edition of the annual International Construction Week in November 2021. Themed ‘Digitalising the Construction Sector’, the NCP 2030 will guide the continued digitalisation and revitalisation of the Malaysian construction industry towards becoming internationally competitive and resilient to crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Along the same vein, at the opening of the International Architecture, Interior Design and Building Exhibition 2021, Senior Works Minister Dato’ Sri Haji Fadillah Bin Yusof said, “Adopting new technologies and innovating the way we work through a collaborative platform where borders are blurred is crucial. People can exchange information from different places in real-time in this globalised environment.”

Moving from manual to digital is more about staying connected in a disconnected world—and no longer simply about time and cost savings. Businesses should rethink how to leverage technology to make sites safer, enable remote work (when possible), and ensure compliance with social distancing requirements. In the construction industry, one of the essential components is using a platform and data that can better understand current complexities, reduce risk, and minimise project delays.

Architect and Engineers are managing project by using digital tools

What is a construction management platform?

It is an underlying system that supports integrated applications. These digital platforms provide a base structure or scaffold onto which multiple components can attach, like a physical platform. Users can consolidate information into one collaborative and integrated ecosystem.

Who can benefit from a construction management platform?

Designed to be open and flexible to address the needs of everyone who engages with them, a construction management platform can help main contractors, subcontractors and owners seamlessly connect and collaborate on the same infrastructure.

How to identify a reliable platform?

  • Consistency: It has always been a platform, not one that has just recently branded itself as one.
  • Adaptable: Its infrastructure should support changing needs as the industry evolves.
  • Integrated: All tools—from project management to financial management—can seamlessly talk to one another.
  • Flexible: It should allow other technology- partners to connect with the platform, enabling company-specific workflows.

The concept of construction management platform by Procore

Why you need a construction management platform now

By boosting efficiency and improving communication, platforms give businesses a competitive edge over those relying on slower or more outdated construction management methods. Every year, construction represents about 13 per cent of global GDP and employs 7 per cent of the worldwide workforce. But despite being one of the world’s largest industries, its labour productivity rates lag behind other industries, mainly due to manual processes or disparate solutions that do not integrate.

Due to the pandemic, manual processes become an even more significant challenge as businesses transition to more remote work. Information between the site and office can take days or even weeks—resulting in more downtime on site and rework.

Therefore, referring back to NCP 2030, industry players need to accelerate the adoption of technology and data systems, innovation and automation at every level of operations, including before, during and after construction. This could be done by embracing global best practices as a strategy for recovery and adopting new technologies such as a construction platform to build more resilience in the face of various challenges domestically and globally.

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