CIDB appointed its new chairman

CIDB Charman
Photo Credit: CIDB Malaysia

Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) Malaysia announced the appointment of Dato’ Ir Dr Meor Abdul Aziz Bin Osman as their chairman on 17 Feb 2020, succeeding Tan Sri Dr Ir Ahmad Tajuddin Ali, who was the chairman since 2014.

As the chairman, Dato’ Meor will be responsible for the oversight and overall strategic direction. CIDB is a statutory body established under the Construction Industry Development Board Act 1994 (Act 520) to regulate, develop and facilitate the construction industry towards achieving global competitiveness.

Dato’ Meor has approximately four decades of experience and leadership in the civil service, holding various roles and responsibilities at the Public Works Department (JKR). He also has had vast experience and expertise in the development of the country’s infrastructure, including roads, maritime and airports.

He is also a council member of several associations such as the Road Engineering Association of Malaysia (REAM), Malaysian Rubber Board and Malaysia-Singapore Joint Committee on the Environment (MSJCE).

– Construction+ Online

Source: CIDB Malaysia