Building Safely with Taiwanese Building Materials

Kuala Lumpur, 01 Aug 2021 – Safety is one of the key components in building materials. It is important to use products that are high quality and trustworthy. To showcase some of Taiwan’s top building material brands and their ground-breaking advances, Taiwan Excellence—the mark of the most innovative Taiwanese products—will hold a Building Materials Online Product Launch on 25 August 2021.

The webinar will feature 10 award-winning companies.  One of the participating companies is Well-Link, a professional manufacturer and exporter that is concerned with the design, development and production of structural bearings and anti-seismic devices for bridges and buildings.

Bright J.L. Lee, Vice President of Well-Link introduced their KVM damping wall, a velocity displacement dependent energy dissipation device for vibration control and seismic protection of structures, which reduces the impacts of earthquakes and wind. He gave an example of the 1940 Tacoma Narrows Bridge’s collapse. The incident poses a question on the engineering as the bridge collapsed because of moderate winds that produced aeroelastic flutter. With steel plate and special viscoelastic material that provide both stiffness and damping, KVM damping wall can effectively reduce the structural burden caused by such wind.

“As the largest structural bearings and anti-seismic devices for bridges for infrastructure in Taiwan, we consider the global market as an important opportunity to supply our products and to provide our services to companies in the construction industry on five continents,” said Lee.

Their strengths lie within their manufacturing process and customisation capability. Their team of professional engineers with over 15-years of experience ensure that Well-Link will be able to analyse problems and develop the most suitable anti seismic devices for your needs. Some of the good examples are: a) In Mexico: The first fully seismic isolated infrastructure, the Second Floor Over the Highway Mexico-Puebla; and b) In Taiwan: The first building with a certified seismic isolation system, the NTU Civil Engineering Research Building.

Meanwhile, YOKE Industrial is a manufacturer in Taichung, focusing on Industrial lifting components and self-protection safety equipment. They are devoted to independent research, development, sustainability and manufacturing and are known for their innovative technologies in the industry.

Lifting Point is one of their most celebrated products. The product offers a risk-free and cost-saving solution for lifting across industries such as offshore industry, construction, material handling, mining, mould and die, MRO and renewables. Turning, rotating and tilting are commonly required in lifting. These factors increase the risk level of lifts, greatly increasing the odds of bolts backing out, causing critical failure. YOKE’s Lifting Point is designed with this in mind, reducing potential failure that can happen with a standard eye bolt, providing you the best solution with the safest feature.

Hana Hsu, Account Manager of YOKE mentioned that their distributor in Malaysia has secured a partnership with Cameron Singapore and Siemens international, purchasing YOKE Lifting Point on a regular basis.

“With great natural resource and official tariff-free zone in Labuan, we continue to develop offshore industry for future growth with distributors,” said Hsu.

These are only two of the many companies that will present at the webinar, so tune in to find out more about the line`-up of companies and their new products. Sign up here:

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