Bird Nest Secret

Bird Nest Secret is a café serving premium bird’s nest desserts. The design brief was to create a cosy atmosphere that provides a place for respite.

The team designed the seating, access points and other facilities according to the existing physical structure of the shop unit, but with extensions and reconstructions. For example, to create the seating pods, there are extended curvatures of the mezzanine floor, spreading evenly to create a more uniformed and balanced layout.

Reinforced concrete cast in-situ technique was applied to support the staircase formwork. This was combined with composite floor slab to form the round platform at the landing.

The seating pod louvres were made with plywood with a transparent lacquer finishing to maintain the natural look. Plywood was chosen instead of solid wood as it is twice as strong and has better flexibility.

The site is small but the space is utilised fully, including the one under the staircase, which is used for storage. In order to have a larger space for the kitchen, a wider area was made available by moving the wall closer to the restroom area.


Project Name
Bird Nest Secret
No.65 Jalan Icon City, Bukit Tengah 14000, Bukit Mertajam Penang, Malaysia
Completion Date
January 2017
Gross Floor Area
219 square metres
Building Height
Bird Nest Secret
Interior Design Firm
Chaos Design Studio
Principal Designers
Charles Khor; Serena Foo
Interior Fit-Out Contractor
Chaos Design Studio
Chaos Design Studio

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