BCI Asia reopens the Interior Design Awards (IDA) competition

Kuala Lumpur, 22 November 2021 – BCI Asia has reopened its annual competition for interior design professionals: BCI Asia Interior Design Awards (IDA).

The registration is open from today, 22 November 2021, until 25 February 2022.

In this cycle, IDA will honour the best effort and practices that are responsive to the changes brought about by the pandemic so the theme is less about the core functionality of one space, but rather the fluidity of functionalities a space can have. Titled SIZE vs SPACE, professionals are invited to submit their projects according to the gross floor area rather than the typology.

Interior design projects are to be submitted under three categories: Small (maximum 300 square metres), Medium (301-1,000 square metres) and Large (above 1,001 square metres). There will be cash prizes for the winner from each category. The best designs are selected according to the following equally weighted (20 per cent each) criteria: aesthetic and creativity; well-being and environmental considerations, technologies and solutions, and realisation efficiency.

For more detailed information, visit the competition page.

For reference, interested participants could have a look at the 2020 Merit Recipient from Malaysia: The Prestige Hotel. The project is located 25 minutes from Penang’s international airport, in an area that is culturally and contextually rich. The design, therefore, has to adhere to Penang’s city planning guidelines that require newly built architecture to assimilate into the surrounding historic context …read more

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