Sibu Trade and Exhibition Centre

The project brief is to design a new trade and located at Sibu. The choice in the development programme was between choosing a new site or upgrading an existing trading area. The latter could be a better option if it were accompanied by improvements in the management. For example, trading activities could be linked digitally to other areas nearby Sibu; and private traders can take responsibility for their individual stalls, which then will allow the improvement programme to concentrate on upgrading common infrastructure. Considering this, the student chose to revitalise the old trade and exhibition centre

The new complex will be split into two distinct areas but cohesively united by common spaces and a series of connection. Both will provide adaptable open spaces with subtle detailing that encourage a variety of activities and uses. Small clusters of enclosed volumes could be easily created around large terraces. Timber will be applied to the building envelope such as façade elements and floor finishes to pay homage to the town’s valuable economic commodity. Aside from creating a calming, warm feeling, the visual effect of timber also helps to create a sense of lightness to the expansive mass of the building. The design also intends to maximise natural lighting and ventilation, so that the energy consumption can be saved and directed only to spaces such as exhibition spots and administration desks.


Student Name
Vyner Rumpang Anak Jelai
School of Built Environment, University College of Technology Sarawak
Bachelor of Science [Hons] In Architecture
Mohd Syafri Bin Mohd Zan; Muhammad Oliver Ensor Slini
Project Name
Sibu Trade and Exhibition Centre
Project Year
Semester 1 [2019/2020] Location
Sibu, Sarawak
Site Area
20,429 square metres
Gross Floor Area
6,500 square metres
Building Height
18.3 metres
Sibu Municipal Council
Vyner Rumpang Anak Jelai

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