Sigit Kusumawijaya, Prasasto Satwiko & Yu Sing

Sigit Kusumawijaya
Known as an architect cum activist and fervent advocate of urban farming, Sigit Kusumawijaya from SiG has been invited to speak at many seminars, design talk shows and competitions related to Green and sustainability design. As such, he has established a name for himself as an architect who believes that the context of building an environment also plays an important role in design.

Prasasto Satwiko
As an academic and professor at Atma Jaya Yogyakarta University, Prasasto Satwiko has more than 35 years of experience in teaching, researching, writing books and being involved in many projects. His area of expertise is in building performance computer simulations, including natural and artificial ventilation; natural and artificial lighting; non-electronic and electronic acoustics; and energy.

Yu Sing
Yu Sing is a renowned architect in Indonesia, especially for those who prefer affordable, nature-oriented designs. From the beginning, the founder and principal architect of Akanoma Studio, located in Padalarang, West Java, has dedicated himself to the pursuit of humanism and low-cost well-designed housing for everyone. He believes that having a comfortable, healthy living space is a right for all humanity, including those in low-income groups.

Rumah Rempah Karya in Solo, Central Java by Paulus Mintarga

What does healthy buildings mean to you?
SK: Many people have the perception that architects only design buildings. The fact is that architects not only design buildings, but they also think about them in a broader context, including the building environment. Architects provide design consultations so clients’ needs are met. For a healthy environment, what is designed must meet the different aspects of health. One aspect is the optimisation of natural ventilation, natural lighting and the use of building materials and furniture that are environmentally friendly.

Food Self-Sufficiency House by Sigit Kusumawijaya

PS: I want to start from the general design guidelines that have been memorised by architecture students—that building designs should follow priorities such as being safe, healthy, comfortable, beautiful and environmentally friendly. Safety and health should be the top priorities of building performance, but in practice, both are often lagging behind the beauty and comfort factors.

Kembanglimus homestay in Borobudur, Magelang, Central Java

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