Rahmat Indrani

As a young architect whose name has been gaining popularity lately, Rahmat Indrani came up with Reduhouse, an affordable housing model that targets the middle class, which has been embracing the concept of responsible design with less waste. This idea rose from the rapid expansion of the middle-class population in Indonesia and their housing needs.

Indrani studied architecture at the Institut Teknologi Nasional (ITENAS) from 2007 to 2012, and practiced as an architect at djuhara+djuhara from 2012 to 2015. Thereafter in 2016, he founded the Small Perception Object Alternative (SPOA).

Practicing through SPOA he continues to explore end-to-end residential design concepts for the middle-class, so as to achieve various efficiencies in the building process, in terms of financial and labour resources.

Reduhouse 06

How did the Reduhouse concept begin?
To build a house is not easy for the middle-class, although having one is definitely a basic need.
It started when I was tasked to work on a relative’s house. As the budget was limited, this project became the beginning of the Reduhouse concept. While practising as an architect at djuhara+djuhara and having experience in working with steel, I did a study to find out how steel materials could be applied efficiently from beginning to end.

Modular system concept applied in Reduhouse

At that time, this idea was only in the form of architectural concepts, not in terms of technical details. It developed following the Bekraf (Indonesian Agency for Creative Economy) Orbit in 2017, where I was chosen as part of the Designer Indonesia group from the field of architecture, and received help to develop this residential concept. The term Reduhouse also came from Bekraf. At that time, I communicated the idea of an efficient dwelling and Bekraf helped to package it so that was how the Reduhouse branding was created from the concept I proposed.

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