Cosmas Gozali

Cosmas D Gozali is an award-winning architect, who has over 20 years of industry experience, and a passion for architectural education. Gozali graduated from the Vienna University of Technology in Austria, after which he returned home to Indonesia to dedicate his work here. In 1992, he founded his firm, Atelier Cosmas Gozali, but his love for architectural education kept him busy with invites to speak in seminars both locally and abroad.

He has been awarded for his various works, such as the IAI Award 2002 for Rumah Ganesha in Bali, ICI Award 2002 for the Rumah Opera and Rumah Origami in Jakarta, and the IAI Jakarta Award 2011 historical buildingconservatory category for conservation of the Swiss ambassador’s residence.An avid art lover, he always tries to incorporate art into his work. It is no wonderthat the government of DKI Jakarta appointed him to lead the renovation and conservation efforts of the Fine Arts and Ceramics Museum in Old City, Jakarta.

You have been involved in so many projects considering you have been working as an architect for more than 20 years. What projects are you working on now?
Currently I’m working on two projects. One with the government of Jakarta, namely the conservation and renovation of the Fine Arts and Ceramics Museum in Old City, Jakarta. Since it’s a heritage building, renovation cannot be done for all the structures. On the other hand, the interior works will be done in accordance with international standards. However, the most important part is the conservation of the garden landscape. The fenced garden will be converted into an open park making it publicly accessible. An amphitheatre will be created in the park to accommodate popular art activities and private art exhibition. By doing so, the museum can become financially independent, where revenue from the space rental can finance the museum’s expenditure. There will also be a sculpture garden, to showcase sculptural artwork. The goal is to educate the public to be more familiar with art. In addition, the park will also showcase endemic plants in Jakarta. The second project is the development of Kanisius Kolese in Jakarta.

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