Collaborating with Pamerindo, BCI Asia Indonesia will Hold “How will the Construction Industry Deal with the New Normal?” Webinar

It has been four months since COVID-19 outbreak started in Indonesia. Industrial sectors have been significantly affected, one of which is the construction. However, the industry must and will rise by utilising actual data that brings optimism into the arena.

The new normal launched by the Indonesian government refers to a similar situation in other countries. We must be able to start “something new” by adapting to situations that we have never faced before. How do we respond? How ready is the industry to face this new normal era?

Collaborating with Pamerindo, BCI Asia Indonesia will hold a webinar for construction industry’s stakeholders, inviting contractors, sub-contractors, consultants, design & build, developers, building management and property managers to the event “How will the Construction Industry Deal with the New Normal?”. This will be held on Thursday, 16 July 2020 at 10:00 – 12.00 via Zoom Webinar.

The forum aims to open new opportunities and encourage sharing views among professionals regarding the recent construction industry condition in Indonesia. This discussion will also be supported by the data provided by BCI Asia, the analysis of construction management, as well as first-hand experience by construction industry players.

Each speaker will share their opinions and ideas related to data and facts in the last 3-4 months of the pandemic. We will try to estimate what to expect in this new normal period through the presentation of responses and adaptations from different construction managements. We’ll be looking at the real conditions on the ground during the pandemic and analyse the situation.

This event will be moderated by Prita Ananda from BCI Asia Indonesia Economics ; and the speakers are:

  1. Cahyono Siswanto – National Research Manager BCI Asia Indonesia
  2. Ir Muhammad Abduh, MT, Ph.D. – General Secretary of Board of Indonesian Civil Engineering Higher Education Communication (BICEHEC) & Associate Professor of the Faculty of Civil & Environmental Engineering of Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB)
  3. Christanto Salim – Regional Sales Manager SEA (Tools & Detection) at Leica Geosystems Indonesia


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