BOYSEN WoodPrime

BOYSEN WoodPrime is an acrylic water-based primer for interior wooden surfaces. It provides a good tannin (wood’s natural moisture) resistance and an excellent adhesion quality on properly prepared wooden surfaces. It can be used on trims, moldings and baseboards. It is also low in odour and has no harmful chemicals. Cleaning up painting tools will only need soap and water.

A gallon of  BOYSEN WoodPrime can cover 20 to 25 square metres per coat depending on surface texture and porosity. Painting on wood is challenging because of its natural moisture or the tannin as it can discolour the paint film. It can also cause paint blisters or other painting defects when not addressed properly. WoodPrime is designed to withstand wood tannin so it won’t bleed into the topcoat. Tannin may still appear after one coat of WoodPrime but it will not transfer to the topcoat. To achieve the maximum quality, it is advisable to recoat after 24 hours because this will prevent tannin staining.

Whether it’s painting new or old wooden surfaces, make sure the surface is smooth, dry, and clean. If preparing unpainted wood, even out the surface first. Hammer down all nail heads, then fill it with putty. Sand it down to achieve a smooth surface. Finally, wipe the surface with a clean rag to eliminate sanding dust or dirt to make sure the surface is clean. If repainting, check the condition of the old paint first. Make sure that the new paint to be applied is compatible with the old one. Using incompatible paints will create a reaction that will prevent the paint from sticking to the surface, which could later cause peeling.

If the paint is still intact and still adheres to the wooden surface, just lightly sand the surface and dust off the sanding particles. If the paint film is in bad shape, scrape all loose, cracking, or peeling paint using a scraping tool.  Then, sand rough wood until smooth. Wipe dust particles completely with a dry clean rag.

Refrain from using BOYSEN WoodPrime in high-friction areas or surfaces that get a lot of foot traffic or get touched a lot. These include fixtures (kitchen cabinets, cupboards, shelves and built-in wardrobes), furniture and floors.