Arvila Delitriana

Arvila Delitriana is becoming increasingly popular because of her contribution to the design of the arching Long Span Bridge of LRT Jakarta-Bogor-Depok-Bekasi (Jabodebek). With a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and a master’s degree in geotechnics from the Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), as well as ample construction experience, Delitriana was entrusted with the innovative project by PT Cipta Graha Abadi, the consulting partner of PT Adhi Karya contractor.

This project broke two records as the longest curved concrete box bridge and the heaviest load of the axial static loading test record at the bored pile foundation by Museum Rekor Indonesia (MURI).

What is the main consideration when designing for infrastructure construction, say a bridge?
The most important thing is the relevant location. A bridge construction should consider the suitable implementation method with the relevant location. A bridge connects two places or gaps, which generally affects or ‘disturbs’ the existing conditions.

The structural technology was chosen because the location does not allow any shoring technique

Bridges usually have a number of structural conditions, with forces not being constant during the service period. It should also be noted that even implementation aids themselves could also be a burden during the implementation process, although they are temporary. Therefore, not taking them into consideration will increase the risk of failure. Understanding the intended functions of the bridge and relevant regulations is also very important to determine the workload in the planning phase.

This project involves perfect precision and details

Aside from its scale, what sets this bridge apart from other similar projects?
The Kuningan LRT Jabodebek’s Long Span Bridge construction has a degree of complexity that does not exist in other projects, namely:

  1. The span length’s radius exceeds 0.8. Referring to the recommendations of NCHRP12-71, the box girder must be modelled with a finite element method or grillage beam. As such, all forces contained in each box element must be identified, especially the massive torque force on the box.

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