Zhengshen Taigugang Commercial Development

Zhengshen Taigugang, a future luxury mixed-use development which is located at the center in Nanchang. The project included 2 mega Malls with 280,000m2 retail, street, 5-star hotel, SOHO, Office Tower, Residential and public space in form of terraces and gardens. The bespoke facade transforms and connects different functional spaces as a seamless journey. With excellent site access, this new mixed-use development will soon be in the spotlight and become future retail destination for the city. Construction is underway and set to be a new crown jewel for Nanchang once it fully opens in summer 2020.

The architectural concept beings with the unique geographical characteristic of the Nanchang Delta. Towers and podiums are being symbolic elements as the mountain and plateau along the Gan River, while the dynamic movements of the pedestrian are being captured and expressed throughout the design of the landscape, continuous seamlessly with the building envelope. The podium design for the department store at Plot A and B share a similar architectural expression. Rather than using an oversize-lack-of-flexibility-LED display for advertisement, the main entrance of Plot A features a 45m tall x 40m wide hanging gallery as a city “Art-scape”, in which will be used for periodic art display for the local or national artists.

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Nanchang, Jiangxi, China
Gross Floor Area (sqm)
Asia-Property Award 2019 — Highly Recommended
Best Retail Architectural Design and Best Mixed Use Architectural Design
Architect Firm