Woxi Art Gallery

A multi-scene gallery and workplace mode

In the digital era of new retail that capitalises on user experiences, a product exhibition hall now should present furniture products with backgrounds, scenes and services. As a result, a popular design is usually an open, reconfigurable space with multiple purposes. HWS Atelier Woxi Art Gallery’s plan falls along this vein, conveying the atmosphere and setting for various purposes, such as an exhibition hall to showcase furniture displays; a marketplace for furniture products; and the workplace of a design agency.

Open Space for Various Purposes

A front hall with multi-scene changes becomes the focal point that sets the tone of the entire space. The ceiling of overall grid and the space changes through three lifting platforms. The platforms also have other functions, such as product display. According to the operation content, it can also form a stage for holding events or releasing new products.

Boundary is not relevant in new workplaces and exhibition halls like Woxi Art Gallery. The formation of the functional space depends on the enclosure and cohesion of various purposes that the area has. Therefore, the boundary of use and display were obscured to display the practicality of the products.

Borderless space functions


The combination of space and furniture items manifests various products’ styles, functionality and scenes. With such a sense of space setting, the whole space provides a permeable visual and perceptive experience. As the completion degree of construction is an essential basis for judging the design quality, the project applied high strength material texture and pruned the details with simplification to constantly improve the visual character and comfort of use of multiple purposes.

Furniture showcase

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Project Name
HWS Atelier Woxi Art Gallery
East Fengde Biwe Artificial Intelligence Innovation Base, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Completion Date
September 2019
Gross Floor Area
1,200 square metres
HWS Group Ltd
Interior Design Firm
Cun Design
Lead Designer
Cui Shu
Design Team
Cui Shu, Liu Xiaoyu & Li Danyang
Wang Ting