Wan Wea Restaurant

A large area of plain grey makes Wan Wea Restaurant massive and textured in the shopping centre area. The light floats the ceiling and facade, resulting in the layout of the entire space being outlined clearly and smartly.

On the deep palette, the flow lines and curved surfaces of the ceiling are the low-key beginnings that will stir the vitality of space. The dark mirrored stainless steel plate on the top of the bar reflects the weird and modern area, and the slender metal tube downlights are lined up and hung vertically.

Design Focus & Strategy

In the centre of the dining area, the wine cellar sculpture inserted from the ceiling down to the ground is the visual centre of the entire space. In the calm tone, the round translucent acrylic wine rack matches with the square red wall, lit up by the stacked array of light pipes, which also lightens the entire restaurant.

Visible from anywhere in space, the wine cellar in the centre is like a sizeable energetic heart, transporting blood and nutrients to every corner. The visual presence of the wine cellar has another significance. Therefore, the wine cellar combines with the bar to dominate the trendy sense of space injected into the rough and straightforward structural shell.

To attract leisurely and curious diners, the interior exposes the dining area and the central wine cellar open to the public space of the shopping mall. The play with great tension is like a “black hole” that has the power to attract and gather people.

Project Name
Wan Wea Restaurant in Shimao Plaza Chengdu
Chengdu, China
Completion Year
Gross Floor Area
1,180 square metres
Interior Design Firm
IN.X Design
Principal Designer
Wei Wu
Design Team
Qifeng Jia; Chenyang Liu; Chenjuan Jia
Lighting Consultant
PRO Lighting Consultant
Yan Zheng