W.DRESSES Customized Space


The designer sets the central theme of this wedding dress space as purity and pure white. There is no complicated structure and no vibrant colours.

Row upon row of the silks and satin of wedding dresses constituted by the flexible modern wall line surrounded French architecture behind. The aesthetic formed by the conflict between modern and retro sets the tone from the first look. The light belt that does not compete with the main character sets off the display window, and the advertisement logo on the white wall outside is more soft and quiet.

The collision and interweaving between French architecture and modern avant-garde expression in 1903 present an extra harmonious and elegant atmosphere when getting along with the surrounding environment. The appearance of light and sunshine gives completely different textures at different times of day and night, and the designer’s delicate expression of details is all shown in intelligent lines.

The two main entrances are set on both sides of the left and right corners, forming a tandem concave and protruding echo relationship with the window. The window is highlighted to attract more attention from the guests. The entrance is recessed inward, giving guests more sense of ceremony before entering the store.

The designer puts the simple logo in the southeast corner of the highest undulating line, which is conspicuous but low-key. It waits for the last sight of the guests entering the store and makes a perfect ending for the whole appearance concerto.

The parallelism of the concave-convex relationship, the echo of the mosaic relationship, and the radian of the curve and the proportion of straight line are formed and determined after repeated scrutiny. The window is edged and closed in black bright stainless steel, and the curved wall is embedded in the white background. The designer carefully designed the contents displayed in the window; not only the wedding dress but also a brand attitude, confidence and pride, thereby making a design expression for the brand’s tonality.

Project Name
W.DRESSES Customized Space
Park 1903 Shopping Center, Kunming City, Yunnan Province, China
Gross Floor Area
900 square metres
Completion Date
February 2021
Design Firm
Chief Designer
Fei FANG & Xuewan YANG
Construction Team
Reshape Construction Co Ltd
Chuan HE from Xingzai Photography وان ایکس بت بت فوروارد