Vanke Villa Sanya Model Unit

Located at the foot of Luobi Mountain, hidden in the resort manor, Sanya Vanke villa model room integrates Eastern poetic elegance with Western innovative technology, steeped in the essence of the four seasons.

The organic combination of different colours and textures show the harmonious coexistence between natural vitality and human wisdom. The space is laid out functionally for the best lighting, ventilation and viewing effect, with a high-rise skylight design and chic courtyard that blends with the landscaping.

The artistic glass wall coupled with the avant-garde modern chandeliers in the hallway display careful attention to elegant details. The light white tones of the living room carpet and sofa create a clear and tranquil atmosphere in the room. Four bright orange decorative artworks highlight the oriental etiquette style in their ordered placement. The embedded glass and paper screens add to the ambience. Behind the screens lie the kitchen area, with dark wood colours that make it look more like an art gallery.

The master bedroom embraces the distant mountain views and nearby courtyard. The balanced and symmetrical wooden screen, dignified bedding, dynamic and fashionable metal straw hat lamp and streamlined coffee table interpret and recreate nature through contrast and conversion.

The minimalist bathroom achieves the maximum bearing of the beauty of nature. In the blurred light and shadows, the mirror ushers the landscape scenery into the room, creating a quiet and leisurely holiday experience. — Construction+ Online

Project Name: Vanke Villa Sanya Model Unit
Location: Sanya, Hainan, China
Completion Date: January 2018
Site Area: 400 square metres
Gross Floor Area: 745 square metres
Client/Owner: Vanke Group
Architecture Firm: Shanghai Challenge Design
Principal Architect: Jie Li
Interior Design Firm: BLVD International
Principal Designer: Honglei Liu
Main Contractor: Vanke Group
Interior Fit-Out Contractor: Vanke Group
Images: BLVD International