The Poetics of Home

A home contains complexity of perception within all the details hidden by daily life. Thus, rather than defining it as a place of warmness, a collection of daily life perceptions is more appropriate. The Poetics of Home design proposal intends to focus on magnifying the minutes of everyday life from combination of structure to furniture that enhances the changeability and flexibility of the space.


He Xin Wu (何新屋) is a type of Wei Long Wu (圍龍屋) in Huizhou, one of the typical settlements for Hakka people living in Guangdong or Fujian. He Xin Wu used to consist of nine linear living blocks surrounded by several towers connected by defensive walls.

This abandoned village in He Xin Wu has been in disrepair. In recent years the government and villagers started to revitalized some of them with concrete of fake brick texture. After the contextual investigation, a series of spatial elements as prototype-skywalk as defence system, living unit, the linearly curvy public realm and sectional relations among different space is found. A place near the boundary wall is picked as the site for a new design scheme…read more


Project Name:The Poetics of Home: A Research for Hakka Culture and Daily Life
Location: He Xin Wu, Guangdong Province, China
Site Area: 150 metres square
Gross Floor Area (GFA): 170 metres square
Building Height:2 storeys (9.5 metres)
Student Name: Wong Yuk Tsin Beryl
University: School of Architecture, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Programme: Residential Architecture
Images: Wong Yuk Tsin Beryl وان ایکس بت بت فوروارد