The Mountain View

Situated beside Yanhan Mountain, the renovation of a dilapidated building through a prudent design established a new dialogue between nature and the building. By renovating and repurposing the building, a series of new business aspect is incorporated to reorganize and activate the old property, blend it with surrounding fabric and create a new artistic destination for the city.


As the site is situated within OCT LOFT Creative Culture Park that has accumulated rich cultural resources over the years, the design strategy carry out transformation and renovation based on three key points: combination of art and commerce, complementarity of catering space and workspace, and branding-oriented spatial operation.   

The Mountain View comprised five storeys and adjoins a dormitory building and a court on east and southern side and nestles under Yanhan Mountain on north and west side. Organizing diversified functional areas in a reasonable manner and leave space for future functional adjustment was a primary project consideration. It achieved those parameters by integrating a distinctive and mix-used cultural complex with diversified functional spaces such as store, restaurant, art gallery, theatre and workspace.


To catch visitor’s spatial experience, a large area of blank surfaces and void at staggering heights are attached. In addition, the goal from this project is to enhance user’s journey of entering the building and interaction with outdoor environment from the inside.

The whole architecture form is sloped upwards, with stacked volumes extending to the sky and Yanhan Mountain. Diversified structural blocks and distinct material textures complement each other, together producing an iconic facade…read more



Project Name: The Mountain View
Location: Building 6, Xiangshan Village, Xiangshan Street Community, Shahe Sub-district, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China
Completion Date: September 2021
Gross Floor Area: 6,000 square metres
Architecture Firm: Onexn Architects
Principal Architect: Zhang Bo & Wang Jingjing
Design Team: An Bingxiang, Fu Yanli, Qiu Jianhai, Zeng Ming, Wang Wanyue, Yuan Jingjing, Cai Ziying & Jiang Peichuan
Building Construction Drawings: Chen Ming
Interior Construction Drawings: Li Nanfang & Li Wenkui
Structural Consultant: Tang Gongmin
Lighting Consultant: PUDI Design
Images: Zhang Chao, Onexn Architects