The Hanging Roof

Axonometric overall view

Sha Tin was founded in 1973 under the New Towns Development Program of the Hong Kong government. The neighbourhood is situated on a virgin site along the Shing Mun River, dedicated for a self-sufficient and balanced community. Sound urban planning connected transportation, malls, residential areas and promenades.

Sha Tin functions well: the pedestrian system of circulation is well-planned; people can walk safely and cycle conveniently around the neighbourhood without traffic disturbance. However, the activities seldom intersect and thus, there is a lack of place for community interactions.

Against this background, The Hanging Roof project aims to create a cycling hub that connects the park and residences to encourage inhabitants’ interactions. Besides, it also comprises other facilities such as office and library.

The project spans across the river, connecting the transportation hub and mall to the residential area. The design focuses on integrating the structure with a spatial experience by adopting hanger tension principles. The first storey is mainly allocated for circulation and interaction that extends from Sha Tin Park, providing an accessible public space with a column-free structure.

This is an excerpt. The original article is published in Construction+ Q1 2022 Issue: Upskilling The Workforce.
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Project Name
The Hanging Roof
Shing Mun River, Sha Tin, New Territories, Hong Kong
Site Area
Approx. 8,000 square metres
Gross Floor Area
Approx. 18,000 square metres
Building Height
25 metres
Student Name
Sin Yan Angel Lee
Chinese University of Hong Kong
BSSc. Architectural Studies
Prof. Cheng Chun Patrick Hwang
Sin Yan Angel Lee

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