The Garden Pavilion

A VIP Lounge in a luxury shopping centre at the heart of Hong Kong busiest shopping district, the Garden Pavilion, presents a relaxing getaway as an airy garden-like space. With the artificial arrangement of a contemporary landscape, the design took inspiration from the traditional Japanese Zen garden to create a cocooning escape.


The Garden Pavilion is designed to create a secret garden ambience and foster a private, yet welcoming environment. Thus, the project covers two distinct areas for different privacy categories. The first is a public sculpture garden, a curving ivory landscape to house a florist, a concierge and an exhibition area for seasonal displays. The second, a private VIP lounge, is a space unfolded through a series of wavy walls, creating intimate spaces with a sense of understated luxury. The entrance to the VIP lounge is marked by a sculptural reception desk with a ceiling feature made of brass and four seasons marble resembling cherry blossoms. A sleek 3-metre high oxidized brass sliding door leads into an intimate private lounge.

A series of undulating curves are recurring motifs, providing an abstract echo of nature. Lines are cut into the plaster of the ceiling in patterns that suggest raked gravel patterns of a sand garden. In addition, organically shaped sconces and tables are designed to mimic rocks in a garden…read more


Project Name: The Garden Pavilion
Location: Hong Kong
Completion Date: 2020
Gross Floor Area: 200 square metres
Interior Design Firm: NC Design & Architecture (NCDA) Limited
Principal Designer: Nelson Chow
Design Team: John Liu, Rain Ho, Eddie Wong, Rafael Pardo, Jonathan Ng, Xavier Chow, Linus Kung & Irene Noh
Images: Harold De Puymorin