The beauty and benefits of natural hardwood decking

Asia’s monsoon weather requires only top-quality material to be used for outdoor decking. When planning a deck, there are many choices. Natural wood and wood composites are the most common in the market.

Some people have a personal preference for one of the two, but there are many compelling reasons to choose a hardwood deck such as Ipe, Teak, Merbau, Cumaru, Garapa, and Ironwood for your next deck.

Natural Look and Feel
Aesthetically pleasing – A wide range of natural graining and colours can be chosen for hardwood decking. Unlike composites, they don’t just look and feel natural, they also radiate warmth and cosiness, allowing plenty possibilities for decking.

Safe & Eco Friendly
Opposing to treated wood and wood composites deck, hardwood decking is a natural product, so it is free from any harmful chemicals. It is safe for health, for children to play on and the environment.

Low Maintenance
Hardwood is very easy to maintain. If you don’t want the colour to fade, all it needs is a UV finisher to keep the colour from fading. The maintenance for the silvery grey look of weathered wood is minimal.

Naturally Rot & Bug Resistant
You don’t have to worry about moisture or rotting even if the decking gets wet. Hardwoods contain natural oils that ward off fungi, resist insects and sometimes termites.

Strength and Durability
Tropical hardwoods that are suitable for decking are highly durable and strong because their density is high, and the movement is minimal as they can adapt to weather changes. This makes them excellent for high traffic areas including commercial and public areas such as wharfs, roof top deck, green spaces, parks, swimming pools and backyards.

What’s Next in Building Your Deck?
Taking all factors into consideration, hardwood decks have many benefits that are worthwhile to consider for the next deck. They do not only look beautiful and feel natural, but also safe for health.

Tailored Solutions
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