Shenzhen Futian International Sports and Culture Centre

The International Sports and Cultural Exchange Centre is a landmark community building that integrates sports, culture and social interaction in Futian District of Shenzhen. The project marked by a 3.6 kilometres vertical running track wrapping along the building envelope that creates a unique city interface and provides a 24/7 civic space in Shenzhen.


The high-traffic main venue “IN Space” is strategically placed on the lower floors, secured with greatest accessibility – from basement, ground floor and second floor via link bridges. It is lifted 17 metres above ground to free up space for the public plaza and a multifunctional hall below, which serve to provide outdoor event space, entertaining the possibility of hosting music festivals, vertical marathons and a range of large-scale events.

Six multi-functional venues, including exhibition space, conference hall, an indoor theme park and interactive spaces, occupy the upper part of the building. A high-altitude interactive atrium is inserted between the venues, connecting the programs with the main venue via a Super Platform of leisure and congregation. The office zone is set along the north frontage, enjoying independent access and seamless connection to the venues through a shared service core.

The 3,600-metres running track threads all functional programs and open spaces within the building, providing a unique route for citizens to explore the building and enjoy the cityscape at different height and directions. Together with the rooftop garden and ground level plaza, they form a significant public domain for civic activities and social interactions. These open green spaces bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor, providing a pleasant social environment that brings citizens closer to nature.


The ambitious design is supported by a steel hanging structure system. A truss is planted every 18 metres, and robust beams interspersed, to balance and undergird the 45 × 75m main venue, forming a complete column-free space, as well as suspend the upper multi-functional halls. The trusses are further connected by ramps and inclined beams to strengthen lateral resistance, which fashions the 3,600-metres aerial circular runway along the building facade. Service core and lift banks are delicately integrated within the structure system, providing compliant and efficient circulation for the facility. This innovative structure system renders the space amenable to flexible arrangement for sports events, concerts to fashion shows.

Project Name: International Sports and Culture Exchange Centre
Location: Shenzhen, China
Status of Construction: Under construction
Expected Completion: 2023
Gross Floor Area: 97,784 square metres
Building Height: 99.5 metres (15 levels above ground, 4 below ground)
Client/Owner/Developer: Shenzhen Futian Bureau of Sports and Culture, China
Architecture Firm: Aedas
Principal Designers & Project Directors: Chris Chen, Executive Director;Leon Liang, Executive Director
Interior Design Firm: Aedas
Local Architecture Firm (LDI): CAPOL
Project Management Agent: CAPOL
Building Services Engineering: CAPOL
Structural & Geotechnical Engineering: CAPOL
Facade Engineering: RFR
Sustainability & Civil Engineering: CAPOL
Quantity Surveyor: CAPOL
Lighting Consultant: Grand Sight Design International Limited
Landscape Architect: CAPOL
Traffic Consultant: MVA
Accoustic Consultant: Architectural Design and Research Institute of Zhejiang University
Vibration Consultant: Architectural Design and Research Institute of Zhejiang University
Signage & Wayfinding Consultant: Xili Sign
Images: Aedas