Sai Kung WM Hotel

A zig-zag composition with three individual blocks

The prime objective of the hotel development is to maximise the number of rooms with sea view, given its seafront location in Sai Kung, Hong Kong. It is also important to maintain harmony with the context and low-rise built environment of the district. Hence, a group of three zig-zag blocks (three storeys each) is designed to bring in the views of the South China Sea and the surrounding greenery.

The project team has taken the development’s close proximity to the sea into consideration when selecting the building materials. To respond to the natural environment, white aluminium panels and various shades of timber cladding are chosen for the façades of the three hotel blocks. Aluminium is a good choice because of its corrosion-resistant properties, which can help make this seaside project low-maintenance. Additionally, to reduce cost, the size of the aluminium panels is standardised at an early stage.

Project Name
Sai Kung WM Hotel
28 Wai Man Road, Sai Kung, Hong Kong
Completion Date
Gross Floor Area
26,910 square metres
Building Height
3 storeys
Number of Rooms
260 rooms
Shaw Studios
Architecture Firm
Principal Architect
Cary Lau

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Construction+ Q4 2022 Issue: Year End (Review & Forecast).
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