Ronald Lu and Partners wins AIA-Architecture Firm Award 2020 for humanistic design approach

Bryant Lu, Vice Chairman of Ronald Lu & Partners (RLP)

On 12 November 2020, the world-renowned American Institute of Architects (AIA) Hong Kong 2020 Honors and Awards has selected Ronald Lu & Partners (RLP) as the recipient of the ‘Architecture Firm Award 2020’.

With Ronald Lu and Partners as the sole winner recognized in 10 years, the award truly honours the firm’s humanistic design approach and sustainable contributions to the community, which goes beyond aesthetics to integrate socially conscious design.

The 2020 Architecture Firm of the Year Jury was especially impressed with the design quality of the firm’s work demonstrating an unparalleled depth and breadth of completed work and for designing many buildings that provide a sense of place and connection to the natural environment. RLP’s collaborative spirit and commitment to research were also cited as considerations for the commendation.

For almost five decades, RLP has been dedicated to improving the quality of life with built environment in Hong Kong, mainland China and the wider Asian region, setting a new benchmark for humanistic design.

“We are thrilled to be internationally recognized for our efforts to address some of the most challenging issues facing architects. By harnessing the power of design, we’ve been able to address the sustainable regeneration of urban areas, promote safety and wellness, and achieve positive socio-cultural change for all generations,” said Bryant Lu, Vice Chairman of Ronald Lu & Partners (RLP).

Integral in Guilin, China demonstrates how RLP’s design strategy delivers both beauty and function in balance, connecting people to place, culture and heritage

The firm has been pivotal in building awareness of building and sustainability issues by engaging the public, industry and government while developing thoughtful and practical solutions tailored for Asia’s unique environment.

Some of the award-winning projects, such as Xiqu Centre reflects a collective effort to develop the capacity of architecture that can encourage radical thinking and practically about the future city. Integral project has been recognised for its sensitivity to context, demonstrating how RLP’s design strategy delivers both beauty and function in balance, connecting people to place, culture and heritage. The projects highlight the importance of environmentally conscious design with the goal to leave a positive impact on both location and community.

By combining culture with much-needed open public space, RLP’s community-minded design for Xiqu Centre has been instrumental in providing an artistic experience to visitors

In addition, RLP is being recognized for their research that has positively influenced and improved building code in Hong Kong. The firm follows a research-led approach that emphasizes public engagement in devising collective strategies to create new urban solutions to improve the city. — Construction+ Online