Qpokee Flagship Store

Large area with structural floating stairs linking two floors

The design space covers two storeys with a predominantly metallic aesthetics, combined with the brand’s signature tomato colour, to present a distinctive industrial style.

An intense design process was developed within a month, followed by approximately 50 days of construction. There are three critical elements in the project: the style of the entire space to highlight brand visibility; structures to assist product display; and lighting features to emphasise the different levels.

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Project Name
Qpokee Flagship Store in Sanlitun
F1 Tongli Building, Sanlitun No. 43 North St., Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
Completion Date
November 2021
Gross Floor Area
500 square metres
Interior Design Firm
CUN Design
Principal Designer
Cui Shu
Design Team
Hou Longyang; Ma Chuan; Fu Lin; Wang Jizhou
Wu Gingshan; Shuangshuang