Public Housing Development at Tung Chung Area 99 to Begin Installation of MiC Modules Later This Year

According to the Assistant Director of Housing (Development and Procurement), Daniel Leung, the 12-storey domestic block of public housing development project at Tung Chung Area 99—one of the Hong Kong Housing Authority (HA)’s first projects using reinforced concrete Modular Integrated Construction (MiC)—comprises about 20 units per floor, with the installation of MiC modules to begin later this year.


Leung highlighted its design details during a visit arranged by the HA on 31 March 2023 to the mock-up of the MiC project with presence of the Secretary for Housing and Chairman of the HA, Winnie Ho, industry stakeholders and media.


The two-storey full-scale mock-up was built by the project team of the Housing Department (HD) to ensure effectiveness of contractor’s on-site installation method and built quality.

Covering Type A flat (for one to two persons); Type B flat (for two to three persons); Type C flat (for three to four persons); and Type D flat (for four to five persons), the internal floor area, basic installations and fittings of different flat types are the same as those of the current public housing standard units.

The team also briefed the attendees on the process of MiC module fabrication in a Mainland factory; Project Dashboard, a digital platform for real-time monitoring of the whole MiC process; and a set of MiC-specific safety precautionary measures developed by the HA and the Occupational Safety and Health Council.

Through the project, the HD will evaluate the overall cost effectiveness and assess the opportunities and challenges of adopting MiC, which would facilitate its wider application. The development of the second-generation MiC is aimed to further enhance operational process, quality, efficiency and structural performance. —Construction+ Online

Source: The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region وان ایکس بت بت فوروارد