OPod Tube Housing

OPod Tube Housing is an experimental, low-cost, micro-living housing unit that seeks to ease Hong Kong’s affordable housing problems. It provides an alternative for young people who are unable to afford conventional real estate in the current Hong Kong market.

The home uses leftover concrete water pipes that have been produced en masse in China for water infrastructure projects, which are readily available at low costs. These 2.5-metre-diameter concrete water pipes are large enough for people to live inside. Originally designed for underground use, they are strong enough and safe for human living, with inherent good thermal and fire insulation

Two tubes are combined to form a fully kitted out 100-square-foot apartment for one to two persons. The first tube is used for living and sleeping, while the second tube contains a small kitchen and bathroom. Each OPod Tube House is equipped with smart phone locks for online access, as well as space-saving furniture to maximises the interiors.

The modular homes can be stacked as a low-rise building and easily relocated to different sites in the city. They can be deployed under flyovers, on top of existing buildings, and within gaps between buildings in the city.

A full-scale pod house was unveiled at the Urbanovation Exhibition on 8 December 2017, as part of Design Inspire 2017.

Project Name: OPod Tube Housing
Location: Hong Kong
Status of Construction: Prototype stage
Gross Floor Area: 100 square feet
Building Height: 2.5 metres
Owner: James Law Cybertecture
Architecture Firm: James Law Cybertecture
Interior Design Firm: James Law Cybertecture
Principal Designer: James Law
Civil & Structural Engineer: JM & Associates
Mechanical & Electrical Engineer: Engineers Without Borders (Hong Kong)
Green Building Consultant: Engineers Without Borders (Hong Kong)
Main Contractors: James Law Cybertecture; Golik Holdings Ltd; K.Wah Construction Materials (Hong Kong) Ltd; Zhong Ji International Eng (HK) Co, Ltd; Gammon Construction Ltd.
Interior Fit-Out Contractor: Bonson Engineering Ltd
Images: James Law Cybertecture