MTR Corporation issues new Green bond under the enhanced Sustainable Finance Framework

Sustainable transportation scheme by MuchMania/Shutterstock

On 12 August 2020, MTR Corporation Limited announced it has successfully issued a new Green bond under its new Sustainable Finance Framework. The USD1.2 billion 10-year Green bond was issued under the Corporation’s USD5.0 billion Debt Issuance Programme.

With sustainability being a major objective of its corporate strategy, the corporation is one of the pioneers in Green finance in Hong Kong. It issued its first Green Bond in 2016, together with subsequent Green finance arrangements, has raised HKD16.8 billion so far, funding projects that improve energy efficiency, enhance railway service and conserve nature.

“Railway is the core business of MTR, providing a low-carbon mode of transport for the city. The issuance of the new Green bond today further reflects our commitment to the environment and sustainable community development. The sustainability journey is a never-ending one, but MTR shall continue to explore playing an active role and making further contributions,” said Dr Jacob Kam, Chief Executive Officer of MTR Corporation.

“Being the largest Green bond issued from Hong Kong, the success of the issuance indicates that the corporation’s Green strategy has been well endorsed by international investors, who are willing to lend support to the sustainability of our businesses,” said Herbert Hui, Finance Director of MTR Corporation.

The issuance of Green bonds, use of proceeds and eligible investments are governed by the corporation’s Sustainable Finance Framework, which was enhanced in 2020 to cover more eligible investments in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Details of the Corporation’s Sustainable Finance Framework can be found at the MTR website. — Construction+ Online