Morpheus Team

Patrik Schumacher is the principal of Zaha Hadid Architects and is leading the firm since Zaha Hadid’s passing in April 2016. Viviana Muscettola (VM), Associate Director at Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA), is currently the project director for the City of Dreams hotel project in Macau. William Cornish (WC) is Vice President of Construction for Melco Crown Entertainment (MCE), which owns the Morpheus hotel at the City of Dreams, Macau. City of Dreams is an integrated entertainment resort located in the heart of Cotai in Macau. Morpheus is the new hotel brand created and developed by Melco International Development Limited as the flagship hotel for the City of Dreams complex.

One of the revolutionary breakthroughs of Morpheus is that it is supported by a free-form exoskeleton steel structure. What are the reasons that made you take this approach?
VM: Morpheus is designed as a sculptural element, mysterious and intriguing. Its composition does not reference traditional architectural typologies. A simple volume is carved by a series of voids to create a complex form; the holes create a distinctive appearance and offer opportunities for exciting internal spaces. The underlying diagram is of two towers connected at the podium levels and the roof, with two additional bridges from which the external voids will be experienced from within the building.

A monolithic block was extruded from the rectangular outline of the site, where the sculpted voids create a blend of roof walls and ceilings without traditional architectural elements. The expressed structure defines a sensuous and intriguing form while providing the construction advantage of contributing to the building’s lateral stability, and reducing the internal structural requirements to optimise the interior layout.

The structural mesh also contributes to define the overall free-form volume—by enveloping the glazing in a mesh of structural members and nodes, the design of the tower with the three voids in the middle section is highly reinforced. The volume is emphasised with the use of an exposed exoskeleton mesh structure, where the definition of the building itself is pushed towards its boundaries.

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