Michael Wright Memorial

Being an architect, surveyor and civil servant, Michael Wright’s life and service reflect the Hong Kong Early Public Housing History. The design proposal conserved the essence of Hong Kong Public Housing and transformed it into a memorial for Wright, and at the same time, a museum that encapsulates this history.

The site, Wah Fu Estate, a public housing development built in the 60s, is scheduled to be demolished in the near future. The proposal integrates this public facility into a re-development opportunity, to conserve the first two floors of a typical housing block and to establish the conserved building as an exhibition space as well as an exhibit on its own. It will be the best exhibit alive.

In this sense it does not only preserving a piece of the Hong Kong housing history, but also inheriting Michael’s principles in architecture, which shall never be forgotten.

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Project Name: Michael Wright Memorial
Location: Wah Fu Estate, Wah Fu Rd, Waterfall Bay, Hong Kong
Status of Project: Concept Design
Building Height: 3 storey
Competition Organiser: Hong Kong Institute of Architects, Asian Cultural Council
Competition Name: Young Architects Award 2017
Architecture Firm: HIR Studio
Design Architect: Irene Cheng
Interior Design Firm: HIR Studio
Principal Designer: Irene Cheng
Images: Site Plan HIR Studio