Medog Meteorological Center

The Medog Meteorological Center (MMC) located along the river bend area of Yarlung Tsangpo River in Nyingchi prefecture of Tibet. Within canyons, surrounded by mountain ranges and dense forests, the project site captures a prominent view of the Namcha Barwa in the distance while integrating with the well-preserved natural surroundings.

Although Medog located on the Tibetan plateau, its altitude surprisingly ranges from merely 115m to 1200m maximum high, which comes with a tropical rainforest climate that causes high annual rainfalls for the area. The unique geomorphic features and climate not only bring Medog all-year-long rainy and humid seasons but more importantly, results in the architectural challenges of accommodating water drainage and barrier systems that help avoid water damages for the building. As being one of the last counties to be reached by the highway systems in China, Medog is known as a primordial town that is hidden within the southern mountain range of Tibet, isolated from the rest of the world, both socially and culturally. Due to the lack of fully developed transportation and rural location of Medog, the construction processes of the Meteorological Center became significantly challenging, regarding aspects as undeveloped construction skills and techniques, limited numbers of heavy machinery, a small selection of building materials, etc.

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Project Name: Medog Meteorological Center at Tibet, China
Location: Medog County, Tibet, China
Completion Date: February 2017
Site Area: 2,316 square metres
Gross Floor Area: 1,854 square metres
Building Height: 3 storeys (12-15 metres)
Client/Owner/Developer: Medog Meteorological Bureau
Architecture Firm: EID Architecture
Principal Architect: Ping Jiang
Civil & Structural Engineer: Tibet Helin Architectural Design Co., Ltd.
Mechanical & Electrical Engineer: Tibet Helin Architectural Design Co., Ltd.
Images: CreatAR Image

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